Software Engineering Manager Position

Software Engineering Manager – Pixel Labs, LLC d/b/a Helium 10, 500 Technology Drive, Suite 450, Irvine, CA 92618– Full-time

Job Description: Design, execute, utilize and maintain software engineering applications. Supervise engineering deliverables and support recruiting engineering personnel, technical staffing, and project team formation. Assign work to software engineering personnel, evaluate and manage their performance. Manage continuing support and provide system metrics for client-facing products. Present practical input for strategic technology decisions. Support preparation of technology roadmap. Translate business requirements into technical needs and actions. Ensure software engineering personnel are trained to perform all job functions and be able to use project and software-related tools. Lead developers with project development, unit testing, and debugging code to technical specifications. Manage website administration, software testing, and user training. Work with Product, DevOps, and Ops to ensure that we deliver the best possible customer experience. Collaborate closely with local, nearshore and offshore engineering and ops. Be a technical thought-leader among your peers to constantly improve how Helium 10 works. Perform rigorous analysis of website or webpage requirements. Review accessibility and security compliance across all teams. The position will supervise 5 Software Developers.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science, applied mathematics or a related field and 7 years of experience with PHP in the job offered or a related position. Must have 3 years of experience with NODEJS, POSTGRESQL, MONGODB and REDIS. Must also have 2 years of experience with AWS., including LINUX, RABBITMQ, managing a team of 5+ developers, and experience with distributed multi-tier web applications. Must work on-premises/no remote requirement.

Must have legal authority to work in U.S. EEOE.

Please send us your resume via mail to: Allyson Smith, Pixel Labs, LLC d/b/a Helium 10, 500 Technology Drive, Suite 450, Irvine, CA 92618


Listing Builder – 使用Listing生成器创建、优化和管理产品链接,在更短的时间内实现更高的转化率。

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Cerebro – 使用Cerebro反查Listing关键词,找到潜力关键词,增加流量入口

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