Learn how to sell on Walmart.com from the pros.

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Your high traffic, low competition marketplace. Grow your e-commerce sales beyond Amazon.

Amazon has 9.7 million sellers. Walmart.com only has ~100k. For experienced Amazon sellers, now is the time to expand to this massive marketplace and get more customers.

In this video series, e-commerce experts Carrie Miller and Tim Jordan will guide you step-by-step through how to take your Amazon products and start selling them to Walmart.com’s 120 million monthly users.

Episode 1
Episode 1

Selling on Walmart

Episode 2
Episode 2

How to Get Approved to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

Episode 3
Episode 3

Keyword Research for Walmart Marketplace

Episode 4
Episode 4

Components of an Optimized Walmart Listing

Episode 5
Episode 5

Walmart Listing Images

Episode 6
Episode 6

How to Create a Walmart Listing

Episode 7 Available 2/17
Episode 7

Step-by-Step Guide: Creating a Listing in Walmart Seller Central

Episode 8 Available 2/17
Episode 8

How to Organically Rank Your Products on Walmart

Episode 9 Available 2/17
Episode 9

What is Walmart Fulfillment Services?

Episode 10 Available 2/17
Episode 10

How to Apply For and Use Walmart Fulfillment Services

Episode 11 Available 2/17
Episode 11

How to Advertise on Walmart

Episode 12 Available 2/17
Episode 12

Launching and Ranking Your New Walmart Listing

You already sell on Amazon. Now spread your wings and sell on Walmart.com.

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Your Walmart.com Experts

These 7-figure sellers are ready to teach you.

Carrie Miller

Carrie Miller

Carrie is a Brand Evangelist and Customer Advocate at Helium 10. She has been in the e-commerce space since 2016. Carrie knows the ins and outs of Helium 10’s suite of tools and how to optimize them for Walmart.com.

Tim Jordan

Tim Jordan

Tim is the founder of Hickory Flats, a full-service sourcing, logistics, and warehousing operation specifically designed for e-commerce brand owners. He hosts the AM/PM Podcast and offers additional resources to sellers at Private Label Legion.

Expert advice for experienced Amazon sellers.
Expert advice for experienced Amazon sellers. Watch Now
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