Project X Reveals What It Takes To Sell On Amazon

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What is Project X?

Project X is the most down-to-earth case study on what selling on Amazon looks like from start to sale. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a veteran seller, this unscripted case study tackles a wide range of methods to walk you through finding success with limited to reasonable budgets.

Join Bradley Sutton of Helium 10 and Tim Jordan of Private Label Legion as they document the entire selling journey with full transparency—the wins, losses, discoveries and all!

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What Project X Means for You

  • 14 Episodes to take you through the entire selling journey
  • An unfiltered look into the realities of selling on Amazon
  • A big debunk of myths and bad information out there on the internet
  • An A-to-Z seller roadmap from start to sale
  • Cutting-edge tips, tricks, and strategies to put it all together

Meet Your Guides

Bradley Sutton

Bradley Sutton

Bradley is the Director of Training and Customer Success of Helium 10, and the host of the Serious Sellers Podcast, one of the world’s most downloaded podcasts for Amazon sellers.

At the age of 19, Bradley started a million-dollar aftermarket car parts business, which snowballed into a long and fruitful journey of entrepreneurship that has spanned 20+ years.

He is an Amazon selling ninja, an expert in listing optimization and product launches. He has launched over 400 products in the last two years alone.

Tim Jordan

Tim Jordan

Tim Jordan has been an e-commerce seller since 2015. He has developed some of the best outside-the-box training and growth strategies for Amazon sellers, and continues to develop new techniques as the landscape changes.

He is the founder of Hickory Flats, which offers training and sourcing tips. He also founded the seller community Private Label Legion, a free resource for e-com sellers, in addition to working as a business development consultant for e-commerce service providers, including PingPong and Sellers Funding.

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