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The Experts Playbook for Listing Optimization in 2020

Listing Optimization has the potential to positively impact every single aspect of your business on Amazon. The more people who visit your listing, the more they are likely to convert. The more people who convert, the more sales you’re going to get, which will lead to higher organic keyword ranking, better PPC performance, greater profitability for your business, higher valuation when you sell your business and more! 

In this webinar, Bradley Sutton and Karyn Thomas will reveal their personally tested and refined strategies for listing optimization, which have led to increased sales, profitability, and business growth. By the end of the workshop, you will have the strategies, tools, and confidence you need to create a new listing or optimize a current one.

What’s Waiting Inside This Webinar: 

  • How an optimized listing can exponentially increase your sales 
  • How to make your images as interesting as a top Instagram account 
  • How to create the perfect title 
  • Expert tactics for creating bullet points 
  • Best practices for your back end keywords 
  • How to leverage “A+ Content” in your listings 
  • The simple trick to apply customer insights directly into your listing (not just from Amazon) 
  • Special listing “hacks” that can give you a competitive edge 
  • A LIVE step by step creation of a new listing, putting into practice what we are learning 


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