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Introducing Inventory Management: Simplify Your Amazon Inventory Once and For All

Learn about Helium 10’s powerful new tool to protect you from stockouts, prevent excess inventory, and keep your inventory in balance. Inventory Management is a new simple way to manage your inventory without any guesswork, spreadsheets, or tricky formulas. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the most common problems Amazon sellers face when it comes to managing their inventory, and how Inventory Management solves all of them. Follow VP of Product and Inventory Management Product Lead John Gjeldum as he walks you through a LIVE Demo. He’ll shown you the full range, reach, and power of this new breakthrough tool. 

What’s Waiting Inside This Webinar:

  • Full demo of our NEW solution: Inventory Management
  • Common Inventory Management “headaches” on Amazon (and how to solve them)
  • How to simplify your inventory, even if you have dozens (or hundreds) of SKUs
  •  How to properly forecast your inventory so you don’t order too little or too much
  •  Purchase Orders and Transfer Shipments: how to easily move your inventory from suppliers, to warehouses, to Amazon

Magnet – 找到最相关的高容量关键字,这样您就可以最大限度地提高自然流量并飙升您的销售额。

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  • $ 99/月起

Black Box – 从超过 4.5亿的产品数据库中寻找爆款。根据你的类目偏好、产品偏好和其他选品想法,使用智能过滤器来发现潜力爆款。

  • 免费试用20次
  • 包含在创业版套餐中(每月仅需$99)
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